Information and support for widows, widowers and others who grieve over the death of a loved one.

Just the Facts    

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Sometimes we just want to know the facts - how many of us there are, what we look like, how we fare. Here are some statistics about people like you.

Key Statistics

bulletYou are not alone. There are over 13 million widowed people in the United States; over 11 million are women. Over 900,000 people become widowed each year; 70% are women.  There are approximately 700,000 under the age of 18 who live with only a widowed parent. Le est largement diffusé. Il a fait une véritable révolution dans le traitement des troubles sexuels. Mais si son effet est à part entière? For more information check out the AARP website:


bulletLife expectancy. Knowing how long you can expect to survive your spouse can be helpful in planning your new life. There are plenty of calculators on the web such as Northwestern Mutual: The Longevity Game. Just remember, these are averages - individual experience will vary.




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